Daily Favourite #9

Iris Van Herpen
The collection in particular that we love is the Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 collection. This collection explores the electricity of the body. For this show she collaborated with New Zealand artist Carlos Van Camp, using his work and ideas on controlling high voltage electricity and its interaction with the human body. Iris Van Herpen is also one of the most well known designers in the world for the use of 3D printing, of which is used in this collection. The collection showcased the world's first 3D printed flexible dresses, another amazing factor about the collection. It really is future fashion in the making. The shoes used in this collection are made in collaboration with United Nude, who we posted about in another daily favourite of ours. The whole show and collection is awe inspiring and such an imaginative idea of modern fashion and where it could progress through increasing technological advancements. Iris Van Herpen has also very recently participated in a collaboration with Nick Knight and SHOWstudio, which featured live broadcasts of a dress being created, see more on that here. What do you think of the collection? See more at Iris Van Herpen's website.

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