Daily Favourite #38

Third Floor is very excited to be featuring in this years issue, the clothing of designer: REIN London. We caught up with the designers at London Fashion week this year and have since completed a shoot with 8 divine looks to style!
Worn by Lady Gaga, LittleMix, EVE, Charlie XCX, Lisa Maffia, Cheryl Cole and featured within various publications such as IDOL magazine, Vogue IT, TUSH, Wonderland and many more, REIN is rapidly becoming an industry favourite.
Look out for our structural themed shoot featuring clothing from REIN London in our issue 8!

Daily Favourite #37

Born in China, Min Wu is a recent graduate from London College of Fashion in 2013 with a Masters in womenswear. Inspired by technology and nature, Wu further developed the aesthetic of her MA graduate collection 'Schizophrena' which centers on exploring the work of multi-disciplinary artist Anthony McCall.
Photos by: David Shih
 Wu has gained much success in her short career including a place in Fashion Scout’s internationally acclaimed graduate showcase which took place during London Fashion Week in September 2013.We recently caught up Wu at London Fashion week to have a look at her latest collections and were pleasantly surprised at what we saw.
 Supple wool in shades of blue and orange off set the teal green spacer fabric and white power mesh, highlighted by flashes of gold accessories. Digitally printed colours of pale blue gradually disappear into white, reminiscent of a mesmerising, ever changing blue sky. Fabrics are joined by spiral sculptures which are echoed in the coiled earrings and contrast binding, all of which bring a refined three dimensional element to the collection.
 Designed with a bold modern woman in mind, Wu uses interlacing lines and fluid shapes to create a strong visual contrast. The unique combination of unusual materials gives an otherworldly sense to the collection, bringing together lightness and an air of easy elegance.
Keep an eye out for Min Wu's captivating designs to be featured in an exclusive, upcoming editorial by Third Floor! And to find out more about her latest collections, 
That's all for now!

Daily Favourite #36

During Fashion week, our style team were lucky enough to catch up with innovative shoe designer; Julian Hakes to speak to him about his collection and the science behind these captivating designs!!

images from http://www.julianhakes.co.uk/

Nicknamed the 'Mojito heel' due to the appearence of the shoe's  form that looks rather like a twist of lime peel, we were instantly drawn to the creativity and uniqueness of these shoes and had to find out more. However, when our stylist approached to pick up a shoe, we noticed that unlike an ordinary shoe, the footplate of these designs is missing. there was just simply a heel and sole. So we questioned Julian why this was.

Julian explained that scientifically our feet do not actually need this part of the shoe in order for the shoes to function. "When I looked at a foot print in the sand (he explains) it was clear to me that the main force goes to the heel and ball, even more so in a heeled shoe. If you were to stand with your heel on a wooden block the foot naturally spans the gap to the floor. If the foot has its own inbuilt strength and support why duplicate this?
 You would not have a shirt with rigid arms between the elbows and the wrists."

 Julian's exquisite brand is based in London and has caught the eye of many notable names including Vogue and even Disney and are available in a range of colors and prints.

Click on the link bellow to watch Julian himself explaining the inspiration behind his designs right here: 

London Fashion week - Street style : Part 3

And sadly we've come the the last of our street style pictures until next year. But not to worry, as we'll have all the gossip from the most noted designers we visited in the show rooms, Plus all the Third Floor editorial shoots are yet to come! Exciting stuff!

A big trend that we noticed coming through was layering. It was inspiring to see a beautiful array of textures put together with pristine elegance. we're loving the duo of formal collars and jackets with the netted skirt. Watch out for more on net -like clothing and layering as we develop this year's issue!

The return of the furs! This luscious fur collar with a ribbon bow adds a gorgeous finish to this dainty red mesh dress. Where as the cotton ball effect jacket certainly caught our eye with its  amazing texture!

Quirky hair styles were certainly about during fashion week

As were fedora hats

This Combination of neutrals with a colorful, printed, tailored jacket accessorized with beige-framed sunglasses and smart leather bag worked for a classic and very chic look.

London Fashion week - Street style: Part 2

Here is part two of our London Fashion Week 2015 street style through the lens of our photographer, Nadine Mahon. One thing we noticed at Fashion week this year were a lot of pastel colors, in clothing and sometimes even in the hair. The second thing we noticed was fur, lots of fur, some prints and animal-like accessories like this bunny cap above. This provides a perfect example of how we can combine formal wear with fun clothing to create an overall balanced, sophisticated look.

Tailoring was another thing that we noticed a lot at London Fashion week this year. Long, tailored jackets were common and often neutral colors were combined with bright primary colors to make that extra statement look.

Another thing we noticed was cute knee high socks and knee high boots. A great complimentary item to a formal dress or smart skirt

 We love these two versions of the fur trend, both individual and unique. Go for bright and quirky colors to be the center of attention, or baby pink all over for a cute doll-like look!

Stay tuned for our final edit of street style coming up next! If you have a favorite style, let us know!

London Fashion week - street style 2015

This week the Third Floor Publication were back at London fashion week once again to check out the innovative new talents of 2015 to potentially be featured in issue 8. And speaking of inspiration, no Fashion week would be complete without street style!

So here are some of our favorite picks from the street captured by our photographer. Enjoy

Photos by Nadine Mahon - Third Floor Publication Project Manager and featured Photographer

What's your favorite street style look? Let us know in the comment box bellow. The Third Floor team found Fashion week to be a very exhilarating experience and we can't wait to share with you which new designers are going to be featured. But for now you will just have to wait and keep tuning in to find out!

More street style images are on their way, so keep your eyes peeled! You won't want to miss out! 

Co.Ro Architecture-à-porter

This week the team at Third Floor publication visited the exquisite fashion retailers exhibition Pure London and were overwhelmed by the buzz and excitement of exclusive and new designers' collections.

One of our key themes we're looking to explore in the up and coming edition of Third Floor is Architecture. Architecture is all around us, it's functional and plays a major role in civilization. But it's also has played a major influence in art and of course fashion! 

(Pure Exhibition - London)

This is why Third Floor were very excited to meet new Italian designers Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini (above.) Two architects and founders of Co.Ro Jewels; an innovative collection of jewellery inspired completely by architecture.  

Handcrafted by Italian artisans, the styles represent a harmonious fusion of rationalism and classical tradition. They instill a metaphysical sense of nature, by exploring geometrical patterns and new dimensional relations

Photos courtesy of http://www.corojewels.com/

The collections take influences taken from some of the world's most infamous landmarks and structures of China, Japan, France, Italy, New York, Sydney and the far east. 

This bracelet represents a monument of Roman industrial archeology : the gasometer. It was a gas container and it was essential to the life of the city. 

The jewel was handmade using the lost-wax casting technique. It has been created following the architecture’s real proportions, reproducing so much as the bolts at the intersects of the structure.

Here we see how architecture provides real inspiration to these individualistic pieces

The composition method passes through a research focused on space, producing volumes and shapes that refer to geometries of structural forms enclosed in worlds of minimal dimensions.

The style depicts buildings bound to the collective imaginary, epitomes of an age and statements of the most various instances, revisited with a twist of irony by playing with the principles of jump in scale and function: spaces to be lived and architectures to be worn.

As featured in Vogue Italia and Italian Elle magazine, Costanza and Giulia are set to conquer the UK jewellery market with their handcrafted structural collections this year.