Augmented Perceptions Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

Our latest shoot for issue six of Third Floor saw us collaborating with an amazing artist called Jenny Lee, and incorporating her digital skins into our shoot...

This week we had another shoot for issue six of the publication. For this shoot we collaborated with Jenny Lee, an amazing artist who creates digital skins for the body. Her work is based on the idea of the future human and how we could create a new digital skin for ourselves rather than looking like an ordinary human. The pieces she brought with her were amazing and so beautiful, we really appreciate her collaborating with us on this shoot as we're really excited about the images we created. She also carried out an interview with one of our team which will also be featured in issue six, so look out for that too! You can find out more about Jenny and her work on her website:

Model -
Symara Templeman

Body Pieces/Digital Skins - 
Jenny Lee

photos - Robyn Caldwell - Third Floor Social Media Editor

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