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This week the team at Third Floor publication visited the exquisite fashion retailers exhibition Pure London and were overwhelmed by the buzz and excitement of exclusive and new designers' collections.

One of our key themes we're looking to explore in the up and coming edition of Third Floor is Architecture. Architecture is all around us, it's functional and plays a major role in civilization. But it's also has played a major influence in art and of course fashion! 

(Pure Exhibition - London)

This is why Third Floor were very excited to meet new Italian designers Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini (above.) Two architects and founders of Co.Ro Jewels; an innovative collection of jewellery inspired completely by architecture.  

Handcrafted by Italian artisans, the styles represent a harmonious fusion of rationalism and classical tradition. They instill a metaphysical sense of nature, by exploring geometrical patterns and new dimensional relations

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The collections take influences taken from some of the world's most infamous landmarks and structures of China, Japan, France, Italy, New York, Sydney and the far east. 

This bracelet represents a monument of Roman industrial archeology : the gasometer. It was a gas container and it was essential to the life of the city. 

The jewel was handmade using the lost-wax casting technique. It has been created following the architecture’s real proportions, reproducing so much as the bolts at the intersects of the structure.

Here we see how architecture provides real inspiration to these individualistic pieces

The composition method passes through a research focused on space, producing volumes and shapes that refer to geometries of structural forms enclosed in worlds of minimal dimensions.

The style depicts buildings bound to the collective imaginary, epitomes of an age and statements of the most various instances, revisited with a twist of irony by playing with the principles of jump in scale and function: spaces to be lived and architectures to be worn.

As featured in Vogue Italia and Italian Elle magazine, Costanza and Giulia are set to conquer the UK jewellery market with their handcrafted structural collections this year.

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