Daily Favourite #8

United Nude Moon Life Shoe
How cool are these shoes? Created by United Nude for Spanish performance artist Alicia Framis. She invited a range of artists, architects and designers to create pieces for her "Moon Life" project. The Moon Life project is about space travel and the speculation of future living in space. The people invited to create pieces were asked to create futuristic, radical, even political but human concepts for the lunar environment. These are the shoes that United Nude produced for the brief. The concept behind the shoe is that it comes flat pack and users construct it themselves, the uppers of the shoes are customisable and changeable. They wanted to create something light and compact but at the same time fashionable. This shoe fits so well with theme for issue six and questions ideas of what the future of fashion could be, especially with the increasing exploration into space. What do you think of these shoes?

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