Tziporah Salamon

Last week the team also had the opportunity to interview Tziporah Salamon. For those who do not know Tziporah is described on her own website as "a dresser" who dresses not only herself but also other people. "She elevates the act of dressing to an art form by attending to detail - she notices color, texture, scale and proportion and puts things together in a most unique way. Her creations are not only beautiful but also harmonious and totally original. Tziporah never fails to surprise, delight, intrigue and inspire".
The interview was a real success, Tziporah answered all questions in a huge amount of detail, giving us a lot of content to work with. It also showed to us how vast her experience in the industry truly is. Everyone at the interview felt involved in it by her, she was such an inspiring person to interview for the publication.

See the full article featuring Tziporah in issue six of Third Floor, releasing in June 2013.

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