Cute Circuit

Cutecircuit, one of the leading innovative brands who immerse themselves in creating spectacular wearable technologies, warmly welcomed us into their creative office space in Shoreditch on Thursday.

Sat round a circular white table, Francesca Rosella the Chief Creator Director and Ryan Genz the CEO enthusiastically answered their thoughts throughout the whole interview, which focused on them as a brand and how the future is affecting the fashion industry. We were truly spoilt as they lined up some of their couture and ready to wear garments on a rail for us to see a spectacular sight of LED lights generating the magic within each wearable garment.

From the Hug Shirt, to the Twirkle dress that reacts to the body movement and to the Alien top which illuminates through strong light, we were delighted to see these masterpieces in action. It was a visionary delight as we interacted with Nicole Scherzinger Twitter dress, completely in awe of the creative mindset behind each piece as each garment dazzled in an array of colours and patterns.

For Cutecircuit, their vision is to see all boxed technology one day transfer on to garments, becoming part of what we wear which is wearable, comfortable and lasting. This really highlights where fashion is heading in the future as we begin to live in a digital augmented world. - Lizzy, Features Editor.

see the full article on Cute Circuit in issue six of Third Floor, launching in June 2013.

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