London Fashion week - Street style: Part 2

Here is part two of our London Fashion Week 2015 street style through the lens of our photographer, Nadine Mahon. One thing we noticed at Fashion week this year were a lot of pastel colors, in clothing and sometimes even in the hair. The second thing we noticed was fur, lots of fur, some prints and animal-like accessories like this bunny cap above. This provides a perfect example of how we can combine formal wear with fun clothing to create an overall balanced, sophisticated look.

Tailoring was another thing that we noticed a lot at London Fashion week this year. Long, tailored jackets were common and often neutral colors were combined with bright primary colors to make that extra statement look.

Another thing we noticed was cute knee high socks and knee high boots. A great complimentary item to a formal dress or smart skirt

 We love these two versions of the fur trend, both individual and unique. Go for bright and quirky colors to be the center of attention, or baby pink all over for a cute doll-like look!

Stay tuned for our final edit of street style coming up next! If you have a favorite style, let us know!

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