Daily Favourite #36

During Fashion week, our style team were lucky enough to catch up with innovative shoe designer; Julian Hakes to speak to him about his collection and the science behind these captivating designs!!

images from http://www.julianhakes.co.uk/

Nicknamed the 'Mojito heel' due to the appearence of the shoe's  form that looks rather like a twist of lime peel, we were instantly drawn to the creativity and uniqueness of these shoes and had to find out more. However, when our stylist approached to pick up a shoe, we noticed that unlike an ordinary shoe, the footplate of these designs is missing. there was just simply a heel and sole. So we questioned Julian why this was.

Julian explained that scientifically our feet do not actually need this part of the shoe in order for the shoes to function. "When I looked at a foot print in the sand (he explains) it was clear to me that the main force goes to the heel and ball, even more so in a heeled shoe. If you were to stand with your heel on a wooden block the foot naturally spans the gap to the floor. If the foot has its own inbuilt strength and support why duplicate this?
 You would not have a shirt with rigid arms between the elbows and the wrists."

 Julian's exquisite brand is based in London and has caught the eye of many notable names including Vogue and even Disney and are available in a range of colors and prints.

Click on the link bellow to watch Julian himself explaining the inspiration behind his designs right here: 

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