London Fashion Week: HEMYCA

At London Fashion Week this season, the team at Third Floor Publication were very excited to view HEMYCA's presentation of their new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection called "Neoteric".

What was evident in this presentation was the overall experience. Viewers were asked to stand in the middle of the room whilst the promotional video of the new collection was projected on the entire front wall. Models would appear and pose in front of this as a backdrop for several minutes and then follow towards the back of the room into lighted hung cages. These turned them into almost live window models for the screening. 

The theme of the collection reminded us of raven-like women, who were once restricted (reminiscent of the capes used throughout the collection) who are then broken free and are able to start a new life. We especially loved this quote, taken from the HEMYCA Neoteric film's description: "Until the end there is plenty of time for a new beginning, a new future."

Our theme for the publication this year is Liminality which defines as finding yourself in a process of change in between two boundaries. This beautifully executed collection with an inspiring message really drove home to us that this year's theme is evident in today's fashion orientated world.

Photos by Amber Dolley - Third Floor Publication  Art Director
Editing done by Natasha Raffermati - Third Floor Publication  Project Manager & Public Relations.

Our Stylist & Features Editor, Madeline Wilson spoke with co-designer of HEMYCA, Myra Nigris personally and she was able to get a first-hand explanation of the collection and in return, Myra Nigris gave great feedback on the Third Floor publication. We enjoyed the presentation so much that we stayed for the second viewing as it was just that captivating. Thank you for our goodie bags, Myra Nigris!

View the HEMYCA Neoteric collection on the official website here.

 Words by Natasha Raffermati

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