Daily Favourite #33

Smart Scarves: Why should scarfs be ordinary? Diana Eng clearly doesn't think so. Her innovative scarfs are far from ordinary. Our favourites are the 'Retroreflective' and the 'Jack Frost'. The Retroreflective scarf (shown above) has tiny retroreflective lenses on the surface of the scarf, which make stripes appear in different light. These lenses are special because they only reflect the light in the same direction as the light comes from, meaning that people looking from different angles might not see the stripes whilst others will. The other scarf we love is the Jack Frost (shown below). This scarf is plain until temperatures drop below 18 degrees celsius, this is when snowflakes begin to appear. These snowflakes become bigger and more prominent the colder the weather gets. This is such an apt design for a scarf! What do you think of these scarfs? To see more of Diana's work then visit her website here, and scroll down for videos of these amazing scarves in action!

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