Daily Favourite #30

The Robo-Mannequin: The company, Fits.me, have created a solution to a key problem with online shopping; knowing whether something will fit your body. Their mannequins can change shape to be the same dimensions as your own body to demonstrate how a certain piece of clothing will look on your body. Launched in 2010, they started with a male version, and then developed a female version.  Their clients have grown to include Hawes & Curtis, Adidas and Superdry. Users simply have to input their dimensions and then the clothing is then displayed on a mannequin of their size and shape, taken from a vast database of mannequin shapes and sizes. Shoppers can even see how different size clothing would look on their body, for example if they wanted a looser or a tighter fit before deciding the best for them. New technologies like this are making it even easier to shop online as shoppers are more likely to know if the clothing they are ordering will fit them. We think this idea is amazing and really useful, what do you think of advancements like this? Will it encourage you to shop online more? If you want to find out more about Fits.me and their mannequins then visit their website here. 

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