Daily Favourite #28

Wearable Healing: Created by Pedro Nakazato Andrade, the above photo shows the technology in place. Essentially it is a cast for fractured bones. However the technology behind this cast is fascinating. Each time the user 'turns on' the cast (named Bones), the muscle activity around the fracture is captured belectromyographic (EMG) sensors and stored. The information can the be synced wirelessly to the wearer's profile online. This profile documents their history of activities as a simulation of their full mobility recovery time according to their progression and exercising routine. This information is then analysed and specific exercises are suggested to the wearer to keep the muscles active around the fracture. All of these processes help to reduce the overall healing time of the fracture. If you would like to find out more then find the website here. It is amazing what technology can now do in the health field, would you use something like this if it were available to you? What do you think of scientific advancements like this?

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