Daily Favourite #21

Fashion Futures by Bradley Quinn: If you want a good book to educate you about the latest technologies and developments in fashion then this is the one to look to. Published just last year it features all the most recent exciting new materials, processes and products in fashion. It documents many ground-breaking people that are revolutionising fashion through interviews, photographs, and illustrations. Quinn explores the influence technology advances are having on fashion, how it is changing textiles and the way we view and wear clothing. He interviews visonaires like Iris Van Herpen and performance costume designers Studio XO who designed the LED costumes for Black Eyed Peas 2011 world tour. He looks into extreme styles which play with dimensions and silhouttes, new materials and the future for fashion and retail. We love it because it is a thought-provoking read about how fashion will look, be made, be bought and perform in the future. The cut-out cover is also beautiful and immediately gives it a futuristic feel. Have you read this book? What do you think about the future of fashion?

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