Anonymous Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

For this shoot for issue six, we went for a different feel and aesthetic, a much more conceptual and artistic-led shoot. The focus was identity and the future of identities in the modern world...

This shoot went for a much more conceptual perspective, rather than focusing on beauty or fashion as our previous shoots for this issue have done. The idea behind this was stolen or hidden identities as they can be so common in the modern technological world. We used male models for this shoot and we used  their own natural look and dress sense to make it more realistic. We also used 3 different locations for this shoot, and a number of different visual effects. As a result the outcomes of this photo shoot really are visually exciting and intriguing! We can't wait for you to see them in issue six when its launched!

Models -
Jordan Brown
Ruben Green
Connor Crooks

photos - Robyn Caldwell - Third Floor Social Media Editor

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